Top 10 fashion items every men needs for spring

Just a few weeks to go and then the thick winter coat can be hang back in the closet.

See here the top 10 fashion essentials items to be dressed during spring.

Essential 01 / 10 – Jacket

A stylish jacket that perfectly combines with the rest of your outfit.

Essential 02 / 10 – Casual blazer

As an alternative to a jacket you can choose to wear a blazer.

Essential 03 / 10 – Shirt

A shirt, of course, belongs to the list of essentials that you must have in your wardrobe for the spring months. When buying a shirt, keep in mind that the shirt is also well-seated without a jacket or blazer on top of it.

Essential 04 / 10 – T-shirt

A T-shirt or Polo shirt is essential number four in the list.
Tip: A white t-shirt under a colbert is guaranteed for success!

Essential 05 / 10 – Jeans

From slim fit to skinny and regular fit, during the spring you can combine the jeans endlessly with t-shirts, shirts, sneakers or slippers.

Essential 06 / 10 – Chino

A chino is a good alternative to jeans and excellent fit if you want to wear something more casual. A chino is also ideal for the warmer months of the year. The chino is excellent to combine with a shirt, sneakers or stylish slippers.
Tip: Also buy a short version of the chino. Even though it’s short, a short chino does have a slightly more casual and stylish appearance than a short jeans.


Essential 07 / 10 – The short

Very popular among the current male style icons.  Combine a short with a stylish shirt or even with a cool blazer.

Essential 08 / 10 – Trainers

From clean white trainers to the somewhat rugged and cooler versions. Trainers good to combine with jeans and a blazer.


Essential 09 / 10 – Espadrilles / loafers

Simple, airy yet stylish. A pair of espadrilles can be combined with short chino pants or jeans.


Essential 10 / 10 – Sunglasses

The finishing touch to your outfit during the warmer months.