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Tough and stylish leather jacket look

Sturdy, simple and yet very stylish. That’s the look of style and fashion blogger Sabir M. Peele. Check how he blends the rest of his outfit with his leather jacket.

Sabir M. Peele is one of the leading male style bloggers today. On his website,, he gives clothing and style advice for men and shows the most stylish looks and outfits for men. Also with this look he shows again very good taste. In this look, he shows you how to combine the rest of your outfit with a leather jacket.

The leather jacket guarantees a bad-ass look. If this is what you want then you’re good. If you want to wear a leather jacket but with slightly less toughness than you could combine it well with a neat, chic and stylish sweater, in this case a gray sweater. The striking and very stylish boots make completes this look.

Leather jacket look for men

Combine the leather jacket with black jeans and stylish mens boots. Source: Men’s Style Pro.

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